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Eat clean. Live better.


Eat clean. Live better.


We use nature’s most nutritious ingredients to make our food.

Always natural. Nothing artificial.

But it's our unique blend of flavors, textures, and layers that makes Kringlela taste so good.

We soak all our nuts in order to increase the production of beneficial enzymes, allow for easier digestion and remove naturally occurring enzyme inhibitors. 

Most of our ingredients are in their natural RAW form - so to keep their enzymes and nutrients alive, we use low-temperature air-drying rather than traditional cooking.


In our furious pursuit for lives well lived - one of the most important factors is - healthy diet.

Thats why we have created a nutritious, delicious, and convenient snack - perfect as a treat while on-the-go, with coffee, lunch, or as a dessert.

We not only love the happiness and health our food brings our supporters, but we also feel good knowing that our food contains no animal products and is completely vegetarian/vegan.

Our purpose is to provide real, delicious food and nutrition to help make people's lives better.


We are family owned and operated and make each Kringlela batch by hand with love and care.